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The birth of Neb-Maat

Inspired by the timeless story of Pharaoh Sneferu aka “Lord of Maat”, founder of the 4th Egyptian dynasty.

A selection of original scented candles in fine stoneware & porcelain items emerging from the virtues of ‘Maat’ - an ancient Egyptian philosophy of a worthy existence.


bespoke fragrances

Sneferu candles are made with bespoke fine-fragrance, created from scratch to promote a deep and meaningful olfactory journey led by stories we adore.


in Seven acts

With every act, we release a signature fragrance inspired by a virtue of ‘Maat’, revealing another part of the timeless story of Sneferu “Lord of Maat”.

A selection of Exquisite
Stoneware creations

Sneferu signature items are handcrafted in our atelier in Porto, Portugal by a team of talented artists.

Different texture surfaces and finishing techniques allow us to explore the organic nature of high-fire stoneware & porcelain.

The stone-like touch of unglazed surfaces let us appreciate the inherit beauty of the raw form.

Sculptures & Fine Stoneware

We invite you on a sensory journey transcending the boundaries of time.