Immersed In inspiration

A dynasty reborn

Our story begins with a deep sense of passion. Similar to how Pharaoh Sneferu’s passion propelled him towards extraordinary architectural and artistic accomplishments, ushering ancient Egypt into its inaugural golden age, our brand finds its genesis in that same driving force.

"He who was made perfect"

The story of God Horus blessing Sneferu, thus making him perfect, survived over 4500 years carved in stone, left for us to fully decipher. The remananets of Sneferu’s dynasty stand strong as pyramids until this very day, telling of a man and king who dared to innovate and design without borders.

Timeless Luxury

By adopting Sneferu as our namesake, we embrace a dedication to innovation and excellence. Each meticulous step in crafting our fine stoneware candles and items is undertaken with utmost care.

Handcrafted in porto

From molding clay to pouring wax, the entire process unfolds through the skilled hands of the talented artisans in our Porto atelier. We chose Portugal for its excellence & history in ceramic arts. Our team is multicultural, from Brazil to Lithuania to the middle east, each brings their own inspiration to the creation process.

Embracing our challenges with passion

“At its core, Sneferu is about delivering a personal experience with fine items and signature fragrance creations that are absolutely unique.

I knew the success of Sneferu will be determined by the quality of its team, so I set out to Portugal - a world leader in ceramic art.

It’s where I made my home with my newfound family of artists. We work tirelessly to bring you delightful experiences”.